Raritan SLC14C13-0.5M-6PK SecureLock Locking Cable

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SecureLock Locking Cable, 0.5M1 x IEC C-14, 1 x IEC C-13, Black, 16AWG

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With SecureLock outlets and power cords, you’ll never have to worry about your cables accidently unplugging again. You have enough to keep you busy throughout the day without worrying that plugs may fall out of your iPDUs. Fortunately Raritan’s SecureLock cables eliminate this hassle – you’ll plug them in and never worry about them again. SecureLock outlets function as standard IEC C-13 and C-19 outlets when used with standard plugs, but latch with SecureLock cords and remain in place.

  • Prevent downtime
  • Easily identify power feeds
  • Faster trouble shooting
  • Cable types - IEC C13/C14 and IEC C19/C20
  • Black, red and blue colors
  • Available in varying lengths (0.5 – 3.0 meter)
  • Ships coiled in packs of 6
  • Rated to 70ºC (158ºF)
  • CE certified

Pack of 6 secureLock locking cables, 0.5M, Black C13-C14 16AWG 1 x IEC C-14, 1 x IEC C-13

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